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Repairing old muffler

Premium muffler service

When you're looking for reliable muffler service and repair, trust the professionals at Wittrock's Tire & Muffler Inc. We have been proudly serving the Sheboygan community since 1962 and are a family-owned and operated business. We offer:

Your one-stop muffler shop

When you bring your vehicle to Wittrock's Tire & Muffler Inc for top-of-the-line muffler service and repair, you'll unveil your vehicle's true potential. This is done by installing a tailor-made exhaust system into your automobile.  Our systems are designed to keep you safe, while also making your vehicle as quiet as can be. There are many other perks to servicing and repairing your exhaust system, including preventing harmful exhaust fumes, reducing your engine's temperature and enhancing your engine's performance. We also offer a full line of Flowmaster & MagnaFlow exhaust systems and mufflers.

Upgrade your vehicle's exhaust system

Let over 40 years of muffler experience work for you

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